“I’ve always wanted a goldtop”

I’ve always wanted a goldtop! You put that phrase into Google and you’d be surprised at the amount of traffic there is, or given that you’re looking into the internet of everything, maybe it isn’t. I’ve always fancied owning a Les Paul goldtop, which surprises my wife as she says it’s a bit blingy for me… And there lies the truth, as always, the devil is in the details with guitars, and life. There are many goldtops from different brands – many from the originator, Gibson. Classic, Tribute, Deluxe, Standard, Standard Historic, True Historic, VOS and Collector’s Choice to name a few! I have a Japanese take on the Les Paul from Tokai from the “law suit” period. An “inkie” Love Rock goldtop from 1980. It’s not blingy like some goldtops, it’s a classic mellow gold gloss sheen. During that period, when Gibson were cutting production costs, using lesser quality new woods, laminates or multiple body pieces, cheaper metal castings for hardware etc, Japanese factories, like Tokai used a 1960 Gibson Les Paul as their template for making their version – they copied the best of Gibson. So, now I have my goldtop and an interesting slice of history with it.

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