Tom Petty & Rickenbacker 12′s

After the sad news that Tom Petty had passed away this week, Reverb have released an interview that they had that Tom had had with Tony Bacon, when he was writing his book on Rickenbacker electric 12 string guitars. As Tom says to the question, “Can you remember the first time you heard an electric 12?”

Tom:  I would have heard an electric 12-string first with The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night — around that period. I didn’t know what it was, you know? But I started to notice there were more than six strings on George’s guitar. It wasn’t long after that The Byrds came along, and then it was really a signature sound they made with it. So I asked at the local music store what makes that sound, and they said, “Hey, that’s the Rickenbacker 12-string.”

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