Dylan acoustic auctions…

For that princely sum one lucky bidder secured Dylan’s 1963 Martin D-28. According to Larry Cragg, who was the star’s guitar repairman and bought the acoustic from the singer in 1977 when he switched from Martins to Gibsons, it saw active service from the late ‘60s, including in that high-profile slot at Harrison’s groundbreaking fundraiser, and on the Rolling Thunder Revue tour, but remains in immaculate condition.

“It has the same bridge pins, everything is just like it was when he had it: same case and everything, just like it was 40 years ago,” said Cragg. “It’s kind of past being a guitar now. It’s the kind of thing that you’d think that people would put in a glass case or in a museum somewhere.”

Cragg bought the guitar for $500, and the receipt to prove it was also part of this particularly desirable lot.

In 2013, the Fender Stratocaster that Dylan played when he ‘went electric’ at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival sold for almost $1 million.

from MusicRadar


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