Jimi’s Six Strings

Here’s an article on Jimi’s “other” guitars from Reverb by Casey Hopkins:

In the pantheon of guitarists, there is no higher deity than Jimi Hendrix.

Born Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 27, 1942, in Seattle, Washington, Jimi Hendrix would transcend and transform into the Voodoo Child that melted the minds of millions for decades to come.

With whip-like strums of his now-signature Stratocasters, Hendrix was a force of nature, cutting down mountains and opening hearts to the power of love, danger, and rock ‘n’ roll. More than any other guitar player, he wielded the Strat like a talisman, helping imbue the instrument with magic and symbolic power.

But the stone-free southpaw actually played a number of guitars that—gasp— weren’t Stratocasters. When he died at the age of just 27, he had a variety of guitars in his collection, spanning from his time as a pick-up musician to the peak of his international fame.

In honor of what would have been Jimi’s 75th trip around the sun, we’ve decided to profile some of the coolest and most notable “forgotten” Hendrix guitars.


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