I remember once I was in an automobile accident

I remember once I was in an automobile accident, and
When the car stopped turning over, it fell over on Lucille,
And it held it up off me, really, it held it up off me
So that’s one time it saved my life
The way, the way I came by the name of Lucille,
I was Over in Twist, Arkansas, I know you’ve never heard of that one, have you?
And one night the guys started a ball over there, you know, started brawling, you know what I mean
And the guy that was mad with his old lady,
When she fell over on this gas tank that was burning for heat,
The gas ran all over the floor
And when the gas ran all over the floor, the building
Caught on fire, and almost burned me up trying to save Lucille
Oh I, I imagine you’re still wondering why I call it Lucille
The lady that started that brawl that night was named Lucille
And that’s been Lucille ever since to me
One more now, Lucille
Sounds pretty good to me. Can I do one more?
Look out, Lucille
Sounds pretty good. I think I’ll try one more
All right
Songwriters: B.B. King
Lucille lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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