I’ve been listening to…

Yes, I’ve been away from GOV for a little while, for no good reason other than life’s up’s and down’s. It’s been a little quiet on the guitar front, though I’ve been working on a new song project with Joff Winks – check him out here

I thought I could add a new regular post on what might have caught my ear over on Spotify (other listening platforms available…), and I stumbled across, via a Guitar Magazine article on Lindsay Ell, a guitar project she’s produced, which is a complete remake of John Mayer’s career best album to date, Continuum. Called, The Continuum Project, it’s her take on his songs and it’s a surprisingly good listen to hear her versions as a complete recording and stands alone very well – her voice and guitar work are great and the songs are produced in a way that don’t try to stray too far from the original arrangements, but offer a new flavour, and of course she benefits from Mayer’s original songs. Well worth a listen.

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