Brad Paisley World Tour

Journeyed to the O2 at the weekend to see Brad Paisley in concert – a great country musician, who always manages to mix together classic country ingredients with a very healthy dose of guitar awesomeness. He certainly knows how to put on a show, flying through his greatest hits with a great deal of wry humour – one of his great traits is being grounded and not taking his place too seriously.

Some truly amazing effortless guitar playing on display, and even promoting the instrument, as he started to play a song on acoustic and after the first verse, signs it and hands it down to young boy in the audience. Cue guitar tech with sunburst Tele in hand and Brad continues into verse two, then stops again, signs it and again hands it down to another young boy in the audience, with boys and mums faces in amazement shown on the big screen. Brad tells them to promise to learn the guitar, get together and start a band…’we might just of witnessed the start of the next Beatles ladies and gentlemen’.

Pretty cool of Brad I think.

Brad was playing this Crook guitar on stage, along with a whole host of other Tele’s and even a Fiesta red Strat made an appearance. This little mockumentary from Biff Parsons is pretty fun video.

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