Genre Guitar

I was contacted by the editor at Jen Reviews who had been researching an article they were writing on the best guitars for each genre of music…with the usual caveats. It’s a great article on different guitar models and the genre of music, which they are usually associated.

There is some nice information about the detail of the guitars and how they might influence the musical style, though some of the definitive statements, like ‘The Gibson ES-335 is the best guitar for playing the blues,’ is a little off the mark – I think Eric Clapton, Steve Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa might contest that… They do themselves add a conclusion that though generally speaking a particular guitar may suit a style, you always have to use your own judgement as a player – guitar playing is as much about feel as any technical spec of the guitar. If you want to play jazz on a Fender Tele, punk-rock on a Gibson L-5, or the blues on a Ibanez Jem, go for it!

Overall, it’s a well written piece and a great introduction to a range of classic guitars, musical styles and references players old and current. Well worth a read! And you can read it here.

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