Happy Christmas from GOV!

Nearing year end and I’ve seen a few guitars come and go in between normal life. Particularly sad to let go of the ’65 Gibson Country Western I had, but it went to a good home I think. I also started winding some pickups, researching and learning more about that dark art.

I also got the pedal bug. The first pedal I got when I first got an electric guitar was a Dunlop wah pedal…probably the Jimi influence. During the summer, I went on a bit of a pedal binge, fuelled by the likes of JHS Pedals and That Pedal Show YouTube channels – both great and genuine shows. So, soon they’ll be some really nice vintage pedals at GOV…even dare I say it, an original Klon.

I saw this interesting article from Reverb about the year’s most expensive guitars…starting with a £248,000 1959 Gibson Les Paul. I have a 1980 Tokai Goldtop Lock Rock if you’re interested and can’t quite stretch to the golden era Gibson’s!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from Guitars of Vintage!

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