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1982 Fender Standard Stratocaster

The “Dan Smith” Strat as its become known was the result of Dan Smith’s attempt to get the Strat back to its original specification. Small headstock, four-bolt neck, body end trussrod adjustment, alder body and 21 frets.

This Fender “Dan Smith” Strat guitar has certainly seen some history in its 35 year old life. Its clean black lines and aged maple neck have a Gilmouresque quality and you can almost hear the bell like sounds chiming through the 80’s smoke machine clouds.



Guitar features: Serial E205705 (body) E328947 (neck) / alder body / maple neck with black dots / original vintage style tremolo / original standard Strat one volume, two tone controls, 5 way switch and recessed jack socket / original tuners / original pickups including X1 ‘yellow wire’ bridge pickup

In 1981 Fender was going through some troubles, which was reflected in the quality of the guitars. Dan Smith was brought in from Yamaha to improve quality. He essentially shut the Fullerton plant down, from producing 300 guitars a day, to a handful. In 1982 Fender launched the Standard Stratocaster, with features that reflected the original Fender design, including lighter alder bodies, four-bolt neck, and body-end truss rod adjustment, revised flush pole alnico pickups with addition of the new hot X-1 bridge pickup, wired through 5 way switch and 21 fets as per the original Strats.

It’s been pretty clean living for this guitar in its 35 years since rolling off the Fender production line. There are a couple of chips and various surface scrapes, but is in overall great condition and it’s exactly that little bit of a lived life that give a vintage guitar their vibe and history. The neck feels silky; the maple fingerboard has a lovely rich amber colour and contrasts beautifully with the all black body. Here’s where its history is hiding a little secret; the body has a 1982 serial, but the neck has a 1983 one. Was this a transitional guitar into 1983, using newer neck style and scratchplate from the factory (that happened often at Fender to use up parts from the very beginning), or have the original neck and scratchplate been replaced, I can’t say for sure. This could be your very own “Blackie!”

So, what are the issues? Other than the odd paint scrape, it’s a very solid guitar – one of the nicest Strats I’ve played. The frets could maybe do with a clean but have a lot of life left in them, as it plays cleanly up and down the neck. Action is very low and plays very nicely. There is a little area on the fourth fret on the fingerboard where the lacquer has worn down, so the wood has stained a little with use – a bit of well worn mojo for you. It weighs 9.5 pounds.

Guitar comes with original Fender hard case and tremolo bar.