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1983 Fender Stratocaster ’62 Reissue

The Fender Stratocaster ’62 Reissue guitar, made in Japan. This guitar is from the JV series, which were produced by Fender Japan between 1982-1984 and featured an alder body, maple neck with slab rosewood fingerboard.

This Fender Japan ’62 Reissue Stratocaster is in near mint condition  having led a quiet life in its 34 yeas! The original Olympic White paintwork has aged nicely, giving it an almost Blonde finish. A really lovely example of one of Fender’s finest.



Guitar features: Serial JV70079 / alder or ash body / maple neck / slab rosewood fingerboard / original vintage tremolo / original control knobs and 3 way switch / original jack plate / original tuners / original Fender pickups, electronics and 3-ply pickguard

During the mid 1970’s, Fender and other American manufacturers were struggling to compete with guitars coming into the US from Japan. The Japanese copies of US guitars was stealing away guitar sales, so instead of legal action, Fender struck a deal in 1982 with FujiGen factory to produce official Fender Japan guitars for the international markets and to clearly distinguish them from US manufactured guitars. The first guitars were ’57 and ’62 Reissues and Fender created the JV (Japanese Vintage) serial sequence  to distinguish from the American V (Vintage) Reissues. Many a forum is full of debate comparing the quality of this era of Vintage Reissues. It’s no secret that the new management team at Fender were taken aback at the quality of the Japanese reissues in comparison to what was coming off the American production line. This partly led to the creation of the Fender Custom Shop.

Details of what identifies a Japanese ’62 Reissue is a slab-board rosewood fretboard with truss rod access at the body neck of the neck and no ‘skunk’ stripe, a honey coloured maple neck, staggered flat pole single coil pickups, 3-ply 11 hole pickguard, vintage tremolo with six dome cross head screws and Fender branded saddles, pre ’64 Spaghetti Fender logo on the headstock, single nickel string tree, generous body contouring and light body weight, Kluson style tuners with no branding and blank neck plate with stamped serial. There is some variance in use of ‘Made in Japan’ by headstock decal or on heel of the neck, or as all things Fender, sometimes neither.

So, what are the issues? Very little indeed – the guitar is in near mint condition. There’s a couple of very small indents and surface scratches on the rear of the guitar body and a couple of tiny nicks on the edge on the headstock. Probably the most affected part of the guitar by time, is the original Olympic White finish, which has yellowed under the final top coat, which is very common (and often desired!), so the colour has become a lovely creamy yellow, almost like a Fender Blonde paint in certain light. Overall, the fit and feel of the guitar is excellent, as I was told the guitar had been professionally set up when I bought it, though this is always something that is personal in terms of how you want the guitar set after purchase. The frets feel clean to me with very little wear and neck feels a lovely shape in the hand. Please contact me for more images if required. There’s a pickguard screw missing near the tone control – I can replace prior to sale. The fingerboard is very clean and feels fast and is a rich dark colour and the maple neck is a lovely honey colour with nicely figured wood grain. Guitar weighs 7.9 lbs, which is good weight that adds sustain. The guitar has a very open resonant sound to it – always a good yardstick for an electric!

Guitar comes with a new hard case and the original soft case.