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1983 Fender Telecaster

The Fender Standard Telecaster is an American made guitar, renamed American Standard Telecaster in 1988. The body is made from ash with a maple neck, 12″ radius fingerboard and sunburst finish.

This Fender guitar has certainly seen some history in its 34 year old life. How many classic riffs have been picked on this workhorse guitar, how many life stories into song and who’s next to play her?

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Guitar features: Serial E312579 / multi-piece ash body / maple neck and fingerboard with black dot markers / Two single coil pickups (bridge pickup factory original) / Three way toggle switch / Original chrome hardware and scratchplate

The Fender Standard Telecaster was produced between 1982-1988 before being renamed American Standard in 1988 with a few tweaks to the design, like changing to the now Fender standard 9.5″ neck radius. The serial number dates this guitar to 1983. Fender changed the original thru-body bridge design to this top loading plate. The net is awash with opinion about the quality of 80’s Fenders, both positive and less so. When I picked this guitar up I was frankly impressed with the quality – the neck is just lovely, both in feel and fit. It’s a very solid guitar, exactly as Leo designed it to be.

It’s been pretty clean living for this guitar in its 34 years since rolling off the Fender production line. There are a few chips and scrapes, but is in overall great condition and it’s exactly little bit of a lived life that give a vintage guitar that vibe and history. The neck feels good; the maple fingerboard has a lovely rich amber colour and the dark sunburst finish again shows off the pretty ash body wood to lovely effect. I can supply more if requested.

So, what are the issues? Other than the odd paint scrapes, it’s a solid guitar. The frets appear to have quite a lot of life left in them, as it plays cleanly up and down the neck. I understand from the previous owner that the neck pickup has been replaced and the scratchplate altered in order to fit, but the bridge pickup is the original factory fitted one. I believe everything else is original.

Guitar comes with a new tweed Fender-style hard case.